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This directory is a listing of neighbors who own various businesses. 

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Download copies of the Conditions, Covenenants and Restrictions for the Triple Crown Estates Homeowners Association.

CC&R Updates

Your Home Owners' Association Officers have been busy this year attempting to streamline the CC&R's by condensing all of the prior phases into one set of CC&Rs, eliminating obsolete sections and clarifying the content. Please download and read the following documents, a summary of the changes (CCR-Summary.pdf), and the actual text being eliminated or clarified (CCR_Changes.pdf).

We need these changes to be approved by Triple Crown Estates property owners and, if you haven't already received a ballot for voting on the changes, you will receive one soon.  Please return the completed form to Triple Crown Estates HOA, PO Box 151, Nampa, ID 83653, prior to the HOA meeting on Dec. 5, 2013.

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Click to download the actual Text of CCR Changes 

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